Tricks To Fix A Cold Home

Your home should be a comfortable, safe place for you and your family to relax and enjoy. This can be hard to do if your house is cold and damp. You know you need to fix this issue to help the comfort of your home, but you may have a more serious issue. House temperature can be affected by anything from insulation, furnace issues to vent blockage. What you may not know is that your roof can also be one of the reasons your house is so cold.

Cold All Over The House Or Just In A Few Spots?

Does the temperature of your house vary greatly depending on where you are? Make note of where your house is warmer and cooler. If you have ice or snow in your area, take a look at your roof from outside. Do you have more ice on different parts of your roof? Icy spots on your roof may indicate where the chilly spots in your house are. Once you can pinpoint the colder parts of your house, it can be easier to see where the issue is.
Take a look around the colder areas in your house. Are there a lot of windows? It could be that you have drafty windows that need to be fixed. There are many ways to fix a drafty window. You can use V-seal weather stripping, rope caulk or shrink film to help with any gaps.

Check Your Heating System.

If you still feel cold after any windows that could be a problem are repaired, pay attention to your heating system. It could be that your heater isn’t working at it’s best capacity due to a broken thermostat. A broken thermostat will keep the heater from doing its job.
After you’ve successfully checked to see if the thermostat needs a battery change and that the heat switch is on, go see how your furnace breakers are acting. If one of your breakers isn’t working, make sure it is switched to the on position. Newer furnaces will have warning codes to tell you if it needs repair. Be sure to check those warnings signs and call for help if there is a problem. The signs can usually be found on the outside of the furnace or inside the furnace door.

Clean The Filters Often

Dirty air filters can affect the temperature of your home as the hot air will not be able to easily travel throughout your house due to build-up. Make sure to clean your filters if your house is cold. This is an easy step to make sure your house has the opportunity to fully heat itself before checking for bigger issues with your home structure.

An Improperly Insulated Attic.

A cold damp attic is not only creepy, but it can also mean some serious issues with either your home insulation or roofing. A drafty attic in itself is not a bad thing, it’s easy for an attic to collect unnecessary moisture as the hot air travels upwards from the drywall. The trouble is when you have a damaged roof or if you have holes in the floor of your attic letting all the hot air out. Look in your attic and see if you can find the spaces where the air is escaping the rooms in your house. These holes may have been created by pipes or could just have been left there by the original constructor of your house. You’ll want to cover these up with insulation to keep the hot air in the bottom of your house and out of your attic. Use aluminum cutouts to seal any gaps that are created by your furnace flues so as not to create a fire hazard. You can use expanding foam around any plumbing pipes going into your attic that create gaps that air can escape through.

If Your Attic Is Damp.

Damp attic

Cowtown Roofing services the Arlington, Texas area.

Do you have a slate roof? It could be that the slates of the roof are not as snug as they need to be and are letting air in. This could easily be one of the reasons your house is cold and can mean potential leaks and water damage in your future. If your attic is drafty due to bad roofing, the rest of your house will not have good insulation either.
You need to call a contractor if you believe your roof is damaged and is letting water and moisture come into your house. You may notice dark spots on the ceiling of your attic. This is a sign that you need roof repair. A damp attic and cold house is not the only thing you should be worried about. A leak in your roof will only get worse causing water damage to parts of your home. If you have a damaged roof, you are about to lose more than just the comfort of good heating and insulation. If you’re in the Arlington area and have found moisture in your cold attic, contact Cowtown Roofing for an opinion from a trusted roofing contractor.

If You’ve Found That It’s None Of These Issues, Keep Your Doors Open.

Closing your inside doors may help create a cozy atmosphere in your home, but it may keep the warm air your love from traveling throughout your home. Try to keep the doors to your rooms open as much as possible to help with ventilation. If you have one, central thermostat, having your doors open will help your thermostat regulate the temperature. If you are closing all your doors, each room may have a different temperature.

Move Your Furniture To Keep You Warm.

Cowtown Roofing services the Arlington, Texas area.

Moving furniture will not only keep you warm due to a little home workout, but it can also help your house temperature be where you want it to be. Just make sure your furniture is not covering any vents, and feel the warmth roll in. If your coach is placed in front of a vent, even if it’s not touching it, it will change

how the heat fills up your house. Keep all vents as open as possible by moving your furniture away from them.

We hope this tips will help you this winter as you and your family try and stay warm. If your house is cold and damp, don’t brush it off. Make sure to check your attic for both insulation and roof issues. No one wants a roof leak to sneak up on them. Watch out for the early signs of roof damage before you have a giant water stain on the inside of your house.

Make sure to call Cowtown Roofing for any roof damage you find this winter.

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